Saturday, June 11, 2005

Here we go, D'Rays, Here we go!

Today is the day. Scott Kazmir versus Oliver Perez at PNC Park. Tampa Bay at Pittsburgh. Ring that bell...

I'll have a short recap upon my return. That is, if I make it back. I'm daring to enter a sold out PNC Park with a Devil Rays jersey and a giant foam finger that says "#1 Fan." I guess if I made it out of Heinz with a Moss jersey on, I can survive this.

In fantasy news, I landed my most coveted prospect of the year last night in my keeper league. Rickie Weeks, college baseball's all-time record holder for career batting average, was called up by the Brew Crew. Since Weeks played a short stint at the end of last season, he was already on Yahoo, so I did not have to go through the waiver wire and compete with the rest of the league for his services. Clutch.

I didn't even see if he actually got called up before I signed him up. I just saw Junior Spivey got dealt, and reacted. In fact, I almost added him to my team last week just to wait it out like I'm doing with B.J. Upton. A solid four months by Weeks could make him my starting 2B over Alfonso Soriano next year. I say - for 2005 - he's a top 10 2B the rest of the way.

In other news, my front windshield lost a battle with a blunt object Thursday night around 1 a.m. I was parked on Maiden Lane in front of Stalnaker, and came out to my car to get my study guide. I was greeted with a windshield that just fell short of being completely shattered. No suspects, no sign of the object that broke it. Bastards. I've compiled a list of my top 10 suspects.

10. David Lamm - Probably should be higher on the list, but the 2-hour trek to wreak havoc doesn't fit his profile.
9. Rich Rodriguez - Could still be fuming over the jab at the program and my continuous speculation of his hair regrowth methods.
8. Greg Pennington - He likes to see me suffer. That was an awfully long trip to the bathroom around 1245.
7. Jay Hewitt - Just the first of many athletes I managed to belittle.
6. Pecs - Maybe he was jealous of my flab.
5. Brad Lewis - May want to beat me worse than his girlfriends.
4. Dominion Hope - Retribution for demanding quicker service? Faking a gas leak?
3. David Lamm - I decided to move him up more. It was only a matter of time before he sought revenge, for, well, everything.
2. Drew Rubenstein - An obvious suspect because of his hidden rage. Could have been releasing a year's worth of hostility.
1. John Oliver - It had to be him.


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