Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Coldplay, Devil Rays and another Upton...

Has this blog broken the record for Devil Rays-related posts yet?

The Chuck McGill Scouting Tour is officially heading to Pittsburgh on Saturday, with assistant scouts Brian Welch, Ryan McNeil and Drew Rubenstein. Welch's connection scored us $8 tickets behind the Pirates dugout. Clutch. Everyone attending is excited for the lefty-lefty matchup of Oli and Kaz. For 8 bucks? Are you kidding me? Plus the Maz figurine just makes this about the best bargain I've found in my life.

The Coldplay CD has been purchased. It's worth the 10 bucks, easily. You'd be hard-pressed to find a song you disliked on the disc, and in a day and age when CDs rarely have more than one or two quality songs amongst several half-assed attempts at music - its refreshing that Coldplay can still bring it strong on its third album. Also, the band hits Pittsburgh on August 11, and I will be there front and center thanks to getting tickets 4 minutes after going on sale. Cue the happy dance.

Day 1 of the 17 days of hell has dragged on. Greg is worthless, and is not entertaining. He thinks he has a shot with this hot girl at work, but when has he been successful with a hot girl? Oh, wait. Can we not count that last one? Or the one before that? Can we just start with a clean slate? Well, at least I can take solace in the fact that he will probably have an ultra-successful date, then take 7 1/2 months to decide whether he wants a second date with her. Get it together, Greggo Eggo.

And finally, the Arizona Diamondbacks selected shortstop Justin Upton with the No. 1 pick in Tuesday's MLB first-year player draft. Upton is the younger brother of D'Rays and personal favorite BJ, who was picked No. 2 overall in 2002. That makes the brother combo the highest duo ever selected, topping Dmitri (4th) and Delmon (1st) Young.

Justin Upton is as good as it gets when it comes to projecting a players star impact. He's probably most comparable to a Carlos Beltran type, but he's faster with as much pop in his bat. He can probably stay at SS, or move to CF. He ran a 6.23 60 yard dash. Can you believe that? That's disgusting, and an all-time scouting record. Oh, and he can throw 94 mph, and he's just 17. Can I draft this kid yet for my fantasy team?


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