Friday, May 27, 2005

People who write in blogs are losers

Summer still sucks. So does work. At least I still have my finely tuned body.

I'm heading to Charleston this weekend to see Lauren in the big city. She seems to be adapting well and has hit the ground running at the Daily Mail. Since I always miss the eatery options in Chucktown - we are planning a food extravaganza as we be lazy throughout the weekend. Hussons and IHOP top the list, but Steak Escape, Donut Connection, Tudors, Sonic, Olive Garden and Chilis are also under consideration. We are going to be fat people - but happy.

I work with Greg. I hope he reads this. On that note, Greg is ugly, and lies about kissing beauty pageant winners.

My list of greatest sports moments/achievements is still in the works, but you can bet a recent golfing achievements will crack the top 10. It doesn't seem like much - but anyone who has attempted to hit a golf ball would share in the greatness of the moment.

Scrubs still rules. I finished the entire first season, which contained 24 episodes. The cast is so amazing. Each role is perfectly developed, from sometimes 2-second contributions from Nurse Roberts, to "the Janitor," to central characters like Dr. Cox and J.D. I can't get over how perfect this show is - and its just the first season on DVD. Season 2 should be out soon, and I'm sure the episodes will be gone in a matter of days. Fantastic. GO BUY IT!

All right, I'm out like Ken Rider in the WVUBL.


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