Monday, May 16, 2005

They're back...

The Yankees have not lost since I ripped the higher-ups in a post last week. The team has won 8-0. The reason? As I mentioned in my post, I criticized the organization for deviating from relying on players like Paul O'Neill and Tino Martinez, and not producing talent from within for reasons other than trading chips. Two of the main reasons for the Yankees' success? Tino Martinez and Robinson Cano. Martinez has blasted 8 home runs in the 8 games since my post, and the Yanks are unbeaten in that span. He was brought back to NY with the uncertainty of Jason Giambi, and he has thrived hitting in the middle of a quality lineup. He's 37, but the 314-foot fence in right field at Yankee Stadium gives him ample opportunities to hit as many as 30 homers this season. Cano has been touted in the Yankees farm system for years, but has almost been dealt in numerous trades. He won't be a 30-30 guy like Soriano, but he has a promising bat. In the past four games, Cano has collected an impressive 10 hits in four straight multi-hit games.

The roster hasn't changed in the past 8 days, and the pitching is still old and unstable, so I still believe the Yankees will not ultimately have a successful season by their standards. But the recent success of Tino and Cano's quick adjustment to ML pitching should teach Steinbrenner and Co. a lesson that there's no better way to win than with high-character players like Tino who embody the Yankee spirit, and building within through a strong farm system.

In other news, I officially move to 514 Cobun Avenue tomorrow. It's not the greatest place in the world, but it should be nice when I get everything set up. My current house is going to be an interesting place next year - as it will be very, very empty. I absolutely do not want to leave Greg, though.

Also, my fantasy baseball team lost for the first time in forever, and I was actually quite grateful. I would've got pounded by most teams in the league this week, as my hitting was terrible and the pitching matchups did not offer anything favorable. It was good to get it out of my system early in the season and only lose a 1/2 game in the standings. I got very lucky to not catch a better team.

And lastly, congratulations to all my amigos who graduated this weekend. Have fun in the real world, grad school or med school. All three are sure to suck.


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