Thursday, June 09, 2005

Chuck Top 10 Coldplay songs

I've thought about this a great deal this week as Coldplay's third album (not counting their live CD) was released. The list turned out to be difficult to compile, which is a tribute to the band for producing three discs laden with quality track after quality track. My original list contained about 20 songs that I would consider for the top 10. To me, thats a tremendous compliment to the band. After all the dust settled, I decided which 10 were my favorite. The list, oddly, contains a song from the newest CD, X&Y. I am drawn to this song inparticular, and I feel comfortable including it high on this list despite only a handful of listenings. And away we go...

10. Everything's Not Lost
9. Trouble
8. Shiver
7. Moses
6. See You Soon
5. Don't Panic
4. Fix You - Also on X&Y; could eventually leap to No. 1
3. Green Eyes
2. Yellow
1. Politik

I almost feel I am doing an injustice to songs such as In My Place, Clocks, God put a smile, Sparks, The Scientist, etc. In fact, all five had a spot somewhere in the top 10 as I determined which tracks should make the official list. On the X&Y CD, the "hidden track" Till Kingdom Come has the potential to crack this list very soon. It's a beautiful song.


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