Friday, June 03, 2005

Baseball, Weddings and Hot Water

It's 630 in the morning, and today holds particular significance. As of sometime later this morning, I will have gas at my new home for the first time, and thus will be able to cleanse my body at my own free will henceforth. Good riddance East Brockway.

I completed my second regular season on MVP. I avenged my late-season collapse in season 1 to win the AL East. I am currently up 2-1 on the Oakland As in the ALDS. The outlook is good this year. Unlike last season, I split my human played games with managed games. I played basically with the same team, but with a major upgrade to the pitching staff (Prior) and a big bat to the lineup (Wily Mo). Prior notched 18 wins and Wily Mo sent 42 balls into the seats in sharing time with Rocco Baldelli and Joey Gathright in the OF. Not too shabby.

Zack Greinke won 27 games and repeated as the Cy Young Winner, and our very own Ryan McNeil saved an incredible 52 games and won the Rolaids Relief Award.

Speaking of the Devil Rays, the big date is quickly approaching. On June 10, 11 and 12, the beloved Rays will visit PNC Park. I'm pumped. I work 3 eight-hour shifts from Saturday and Sunday, so I hope to catch the Friday night game before I start the two days of terror. It's look like a Mark Redman v. Scott Kazmir matchup that night. My dream of having BJ Upton called up is looking grim, though, despite him tearing up AAA at the plate and in the field. He's had five straight multi-hit games and has made only one error in his past 20 games. Call him up, bitches.

Also on the horizon is a trifecta of weddings, beginning with Andy Gilliland later this month. My little sister Kelli will become "K. Kay" a month later, and my good friend Rob will wed later in the summer. I hate you all.

Don't forget to check out Cinderella Man this weekend when it debuts in theatres. Jeremy Schaap is one of the greatest and most underappreciated sportswriters of our generation, and his book is one of the finest examples of sports journalism/research I've ever encountered. I can't imagine mixing in Ron Howard and, with Schaap's guidance, this flick being anything less than one of the top 10 sports movies of the past decade or more.

Speaking of greatness - check out Coldplay's new album on Tuesday. "X&Y" is getting favorable reviews - as it naturally would. Face it people, Coldplay is the consistently best band out there right now. I've already heard the tracks on this album and it grades out at 4 stars.


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