Wednesday, May 11, 2005


Well, the dog days of summer are setting in. Baseball is dominating the airways, the old summer job has crept its way back into the picture and I'm officially broke as ever. But, things are looking up. In just a few days, I will say my goodbye to 458 East Brockway Avenue and start a new chapter at 514 Cobun.

The three-story white house has been my home for five years. That's right - five years. Most people are out of school in that period of time, but I've managed to transition from the dorms (Towers) all the way through a two-year master's program at the same residence. I've endured a total of six roomates, if you count a six-week stay by Lauren in the summer of 2003.

I initially started out with Dupont alum David Hemmings and the lanky one, Matt Griffin. Griff and I had wanted to find a two-person apartment and Hemmings nudged his way into the picture somehow. I think he just didnt want to stay in the dorms an extra year and didnt really have any other friends outside of Brian (who was from Long Beach, Calif.).

So the long search ended at 458 East Brockway. We loved it, and us three manned the house for the first three years. Hemmings moved back home without a degree, and Griff graduated and move on. At the end of the three years, David Lamm and I started to search for a new place to live since the house no longer had three people. We found nothing, but stumbled upon my other friend Andrew Beckner and his need for a new place. He was graduating in December, but Davey and I rolled the dice.

Beckner graduated, and Davey and I were prepared to endure four months of splitting the bills of a three-story house. That's when Greg Pennington - my best friend since 7th grade - expressed an interest in transferring to WVU. If only he had a place to live. How perfect is that?

So through Hemmings, Griff, Davey, Lauren, Beckner and Greg I have remained, perched in my one-room third floor in the most perfect setup of all time. I hate to leave it, because it really is a great room and a great house, but its definitely my time.

Here's a random list of my favorite moments at East Brockway:

*Any and all video games. From my NHL season with Griff (that ended with him winning in Game 7) to my year-long hold on the Jack Palmer Cup to Mario Kart and Goldeneye, Playstation and PS2 (yes, I've lived here so long that we actually played Playstation for the first couple of years, and even Nintendo64) had a grip on the household on most evenings. The dynasties, the seasons, the rivalries and the championship banners will be missed. Graycie and Lauren apparently won't make good NCAA partners.

*My endless pursuit to slide down the steps in a laundry basket.

*Griff fighting with his invisible friend to the point where he crashed into the wall and broke my stuff on my chest of drawers.

*The Night.

*Humping Davey on a daily basis.

*Davey yelling at his video game players on a daily basis.

*Beckner, Griff and Greg yelling at their video game players on a daily basis.

*All hold em tournaments. (My new house will be an even better site for future main events).

*The night Hemmings and I inexplicably "slept over" in Griff's room, on his floor.

*And, of course, the Night of the Bat. Anyone close to me knows the adventure of that night, all of which was caught on film.

Okay, enough to of the sappy stuff. If you are reading this, you are gayer than me.



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