Sunday, April 17, 2005

Today's quotes...

The annual Gold-Blue game, and my final game in the press box amongst my staff, provided a solid list of quotes. Here they are, some of which are exchanges.

"Look at the Mountaineer. Disgusting." Nick Tolomeo

"Did you see the Mountaineer trying to do push-ups? It looked like he was humping the ground." Nick Tolomeo

Tassa: I wish I had tried to be in the band. I don't know, drums. Maybe the trombone.
Drew: I think Chuck would've played the piccolo.

(Upon me making fun of Tassa's baseball skills)
Tassa: At least my Mom knows I'm good.

(On Rayshawn Bolden)
Me: He's like Chris Henry without the attitude - or talent.
Drew: So he's just tall?

Later in the day, playing baseball...

"I'm not wearing a cup." Drew, uttered about 15 times. Come on, Coach.

"Booyah!" Drew, after launching his first home run (two words)

More updates from the Gold-Blue game coming tomorrow. Peace.


At 6:15 PM, Blogger Andy Gilliland said...

You might want to let your readers know that Davey is gay. Just something you might want to get out on the table as soon as possible.


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