Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Two weeks of updates...

I hate not updating this thing on a more regular basis, but a combination of a hectic schedule and a non-functional computer has limited my opportunites to keep it up to date.

The past few weeks have been busy, and at times emotional. Basically, school and work keep me occupied, but mostly I'm a wimp.

This past weekend, I made my final press box trip to Mountaineer Field (I will always call it that, by God). I was rather emotional, but I tried my best to subdue any feelings and just take in the moments. The time with my fellow sportswriters in the box, the time on the field. Everything. There have been a lot of "last's" around here these days, but this one hurt, especially with the outcome of the game.

Something tells me that its really not my final trip, just like BC wasn't two years ago. Whether I'm a sportswriter or working in some other capacity, hopefully the roads will lead me back to Mountaineer Field at least one more time as more than a fan.

In other news, school and work are bogging me down a little, and it seems that the Thanksgiving holiday is coming just in time. Not that I mind going to school, really, but work is getting to me. It's just been a difficult year in some respects, and while I love the job immensely, its hard to go full-speed when you feel people around you are merely jogging.

The break seems to be coming together nicely. It looks like I will make a Charleston trip on Friday with Lauren, then return to Morgantown for Saturday's men's basketball opener against St. Peter's. There is also an away basketball game against Duquesne I'm going to try and make, and the Thanksgiving Day brawl with Pitt that could guarantee WVU the Gator Bowl - or more.

Speaking of the basketball team, I'm very excited about this bunch. Contrary to what my fellow blogger Nick Tolomeo thinks, there is a lot of promise on this team. All five starters return, and Mike Gansey and Darris Nichols are high quality additions. Gansey can do everything - defend, score around the basket, hit the trey, etc. - and Nichols reminds me of Tim Lyles, without the inconsistent shot. Pittsnogle and Fischer have beefed up a tad, and I think we will compete nicely with our non-conference and league foes. I'm saying 18-11, and thats with a rare victory over Notre Dame and the ever-elusive conference tournament win. But I won't rule out this team doing more damage than that.

Well, that's all I have for now. Keep checking back!



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