Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Championship Update...

Since Davey is an idiot and screwed up his lineup in the middle of our Fantasy Baseball Championship game, I am forced to manually keep his stats to try and save his ass. I am going to post the results here because it is easiest.

Tank University 45 12 42 4 .259 7 84 2 3.17 1.20
Gruck All Stars 39 13 54 8 .269 5 48 4 5.80 1.40

That's right. It's 5-5 heading into the final six days of the season. The first tie-breaker is ERA, which is a virtual lock for Tank University at this point. Wins, saves, homers, runs and average are still up in the air, and maybe RBI and WHIP. It should be interesting.

In other sports news, the Redskins stumbled into the cellar of the NFC East after just three games...My Monday column received its first negative feedback, as a gentleman (or woman) had the audacity to send me a hateful e-mail in criticizing my character, calling me a John Kerry-like football prognosticator by insisting I picked Maryland so I could win either way and telling me that the Challenge the Guru contest was my whole life. Not to be outdone, he managed to mention several pieces I have written over time (suggesting he always reads the DA) and create a new e-mail address (chuckymcgill@hotmail.com) using my name (Charles McGill) and not signing the e-mail with his real name (hardcore). Can this person be a bigger coward?...My friend Nick dropped me a link to PittNews.com today, in which a columnist suggested that the Pitt Panthers were in line to take the Big East title in football and go to the BCS. One problem. The columnist stated that the Gator Bowl was all Pitt's if it won its six conferences games, including the finale against WVU. The Gator Bowl? Come on...this guy is the associate sports editor. If Drewy Rubenstein made this kind of blunder, I would show him the door. The guy closed his column by saying the Pitt-Furman game was the best he's ever seen in person. That seals it for me...Rich Rodriguez was on Max Kellerman's new show on FoxSports this morning. Kellerman did everything he could to make Rich call Michael Holley an "idiot," which was worth the time to watch the three-minute segment. Rodriguez didn't go as far as saying West Virginia would win the National Championship, but insisted it would be a team nobody expected. Hmm.

2 days till the first Bush-Kerry debate.
4 days till Virginia Tech.


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