Wednesday, October 06, 2004

This and that and a few things I think I think...

Okay, so its been a few days since I posted on my new blog...but its been a little busy. As a result of my lack of maintenance, there is a lot to cover in this entry.

First, everyone knows that WVU lost its top 10 ranking when it fell to Virginia Tech this past Saturday. It's old news. No one is happy about it. I'll admit I harnessed my emotions slightly better than I anticipated, and certainly better than I did after the win over Maryland, but it was still heartbreaking for me. I'm not saying I love the Mountaineers more or less than anyone else, but anyone who knows me knows how deeply my passion for college football and WVU run. It was devastating to watch WVU stumble its way through the game, and no player deserves to go uncriticized. Alas, they are professional athletes. They are 18-year old students who work their ass off year-round to give me something to love this much. It's hard to fault any of them, but it doesnt make it any easier to stomach. There are six games left, and to steal a page out of the sad Marshall fan logic, these are the ones that mean the most. Va. Tech may hurt the most with a loss, but go 6-0 from here on out, and the Mountaineers will have a chance to prove everyone wrong and re-establish the Big East in a BCS bowl.

In other news, the VP debate was held last night in Ohio. I will actually give Cheney credit in the fact that he stayed more composed than I had anticipated, but it was still a joke of a debate. It's like Bush & Cheney have nothing new or factual to bring to the table. They use the same "flip-flop" accusations and the same material in all their campaign stops or debates. You might as well just put a tape recording up there and let John Kerry and John Edwards give their side, then push play for one of the two dwarfs, Dopey & Grumpy. I was pleased to see that the polls were showing a slight lean towards Kerry now. It's the way it should be. I'm more confident than ever in Kerry-Edwards, and less and less satisfied in our current administration.

In personal news, my grandmother fell and is in the hospital. She lives in Florida, and fell and broke her arm while also hitting her face on the concrete. She will likely have surgery on the arm, and will be treated for the wounds to her face. This came one day after she returned to her home that was devastated by Hurricane Jeanne. Keep them in your prayers.

In more personal news, I'm continuing to wrestle with my future. Anyone close to me knows the intense stress I've been under in the past six to 12 months regarding the decision. I'm not sure whether to continue on my path to a Master's in Education, or simply quit school altogether. My advising appointment today did little to clear the fog, but I'm glad I got to talk about it a little. I'm also undergoing a weekly therapy session, so hopefully the counseling will pay dividends as well. I just want to be happy. I want to do something productive, inspiring, self-fulfilling and meaningful, while satisfying my own aspirations to be happy. It seems like a simple goal that would produce a simple answer, but its yet to do so for me. I turn 24 in a couple weeks, and the sense of urgency to find my path has been kicked up a notch. If you know me, float me an IM and make me feel a little better or add your two pennies. Honesty is appreciated.

In NCAA news, I've continued my dynasty with my roommates, Greg and Davey. Greg seems to be a in a lose-lose situation at UCLA after losing his job at WVU. He went 4-8 in his final season in Morgantown and his contract was not renewed. He went to UCLA, but went 4-8 again. He cannot generate a consistent offense, despite his solid defensive play. Hopefully it will start clicking for him.

After 4 seasons at Rutgers, I resigned. I went 51-0 with the Scarlet Knights, winning 4 national championships (the first season I split the title with Oklahoma). I won a handful of last second games, including two against Davey and two against Greg. However, I went a combined 8-0 against my roommates.

My last two meetings with Davey produced instant classics, as I defeated him 38-35 and 27-24 to clinch the Big East title on both occassions. The first game ended with a game winning touchdown, the other a game winning field goal.

I have taken over at Notre Dame, for the simple fact that I had no more to accomplish at Rutgers and wanted to make a parallel move to a school with a great tradition. I love Notre Dame. Always have. That's probably a sin being a WVU fan. I'm 1-0 with the Irish, and absolutely love the stadium and team, and for the first time in a couple seasons, am having a blast playing the game.

Davey is ranked No. 3, and should cruise to a national title unless he gets beat late in the season. I play Greg in week 5 at Notre Dame Stadium. Should be an Instant Classic.

Well, I've rambled for long enough. Thanks to all the people close to me who make me happy on a daily basis. Most dont know the profound effect everyone has on me...but I take everything to heart.

2 days till Round 2 of Bush-Kerry
7 days till UConn


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