Wednesday, September 29, 2004


First off, a FBL Championship Update.

Another huge day by Tank University has given the U a 7-2 lead with five days remaining. Here are the stats.

Tank University: .282 ave, 55 runs, 16 homers, 52 rbi, 5 stolen bases, 7 wins, 4 saves, 97 k's, 3.53 era and 1.27 whip
Gruck All Stars: .260 ave, 44 runs, 14 homers, 57 rbi, 8 stolen bases, 5 wins, 4 saves, 48 k's, 5.80 era and 1.40 whip.

Gruck has already been helped out by a strong performance by Freddy Garcia that should close the pitching categories. This one is still going to the end.

In other news...I wrote a massive scouting report on Virginia Tech today for Thursday's edition of the DA. I will try and post the article on here later tonight for those who cannot find a DA. I'm less nervous than I was about the game, but still a little on edge. Remember, WVU is 11-1 in its last 12 games. Virginia Tech is 4-7 in itslast 11, and would be 2-7 in its last 9 if it wouldn't have overcome Temple, 24-23, in overtime late last year.

I have finally be sucked in by reality shows. The first, the Surreal Life, is the most entertaining reality show ever. Unlike other shows, its characters are both lovable and interesting, and always stirring the pot somehow. For those unfamiliar with the show, it airs on the king of all networks, VH1, and stars Dave Coulier (uncle joey from full house), Ryan Starr (American Idol), Charo (Loveboat), Brigitte Neilson (Rocky IV, Beverly Hills Cop II), Jordan Knight (New Kids on the Block) and my personal favorite, Flava Flav. This eclectic group is non-stop in their quest absolutely nothing.

The other reality tv show is on ESPN called I'd do anything. The shows premise basically consists of three sets of two people, one of which is performing some impossible stunt in sacrifice for their partner, who has a specified sports dream. The individual who comes out on top enables the other person to finally live out their sports dream. Seeing my roommate crying from laughter as a charging bull drilled a man trying to shoot a basketball will forever live as one of the greatest reality tv moments of all-time.

That's all for now. Check back tonight for the Scouting Report, if interested.

1 day till Bush-Kerry debate.
3 days till Virginia Tech.

Song of the Day: Ben Harper & the Blind Alabama Boys "Church on Time"


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