Friday, October 22, 2004

Happy Birthday!

Okay. Long time, no post. My apologies, but its been a crazy couple of weeks. My old computer, which I actually miss, decided to die on me so I got a new one. I dislike my new one a great deal, because the keys are all moved around on it and I constantly make typing errors, but the backspace isn't in the same spot, so I end up making more errors and get frustrated. So, not enjoying the new cpu, even if it was a free replacement.

Anyway, I've been wanting to get back to the blog all week long, so what better day than today, the day of my birth? That's right. For those who do not know, 24 years ago I emerged from the womb ready to take on the world. I'm 24. Yes, 24. That's a lot of years to me. Thats mid 20s. Thats six years removed from high school. I graduated high school six years after I was in elementary school. We are talking about that kind of time. Scary.

My birthday was excellent, I must say. My family was really great to me. My Dad came down from NJ on Tuesday night to start the birthday celebrations. On Wednesday, he hung out at the DA for a while before we went to Unos. He somewhat surprised me by inviting some friends along. It was a good time. Afterwards, we all returned to my house for a game of poker. I broke in my new chips, a partial birthday present from Lauren, and played everything from Hold em to two-card gut to indian poker. Good times. I made some strong plays early, while Rubenstein folded and folded. When the table had shrunk from 9 to 4 people, Rubey ended my day by getting me to go all-in against his flush.

Thursday was rather busy, as I tried to balance classes and the DA, while trying to cram everything in before the Syracuse game. The game was fun. I got Greg to go along, and he will never understand how happy I am that he was there. He was supposed to be my compadre in 1999 when I came here, but he took a different path and went to Florida. He and I watching games at Mountaineer Field was supposed to happen six years ago...but I'm glad he finally ended up here.

I had to leave the game in the third quarter to go back to the DA and finish the paper. After clearing some hurdles, I got out of there at 1230am and headed home. Dad, Greg and I went to Sheetz for some late night bad food. Dad turned in around 130am, maybe 2. I hit the hay after 5.

That brings us to my birthday. I have no set plans. I'm really into relaxing and doing nothing special, except get some stuff done around the house. Dinner is a possibility, as is shopping (thanks to some birthday money).

Thanks to everyone who made my birthday great. To people like Drew, who got me a great gift, to people like Tassa, who exhibited his terrible card playing skills. To people like my Dad, who just go above and beyond, to people like my sisters, who always make me feel loved.

Oh, and some girl named Lauren. She doesn't think she's all that great, but I know her better than she does...and I know I'm right where I belong.

Till next time...


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