Sunday, April 17, 2005

My last Sunday...

Well, get ready for another series of "lasts" as I enter my final week as Sports Editor. Today wasn't emotional at all, because like I said, I'm completely burnt out. But I taught Welch a few things, wrote a story and my next to next to last colum and made headway on some emails and trivia questions.

The week will be up before I know it, which will mean that I will be confronted with my final two columns. I've decided to approach it in a Part I/Part II kind of way, with the first column outlining my time at the DA and the second saying my farewells and thank yous. I think its pretty simplistic, but thats how I've always been.

Other than that, the week ahead seems to be busy with schoolwork, as always. The Showdown in MoTown is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, but I still need to lock up a location and 2,000 questions. Egad.

That's all I got. Kudos to Ryan McNeil for "getting" the first sentence of my return to the blog entry, to the Devil Rays for not knowing how to play baseball, and to my cat for missing the litter box as always.



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