Thursday, June 16, 2005

Bitten by the bug

It strikes when you least expect it - most of the time with the player you least expect. On Wednesday, two of baseball's top players lost their seasons to an elbow injury. Both will likely require Tommy John surgery.

Eric Gagne and Rocco Baldelli will miss the remainder of the 2005 season with ligament damage in their throw elbows. For both players - and for their respective teams - its a devastating blow.
Gagne has been one of the premier closers in the game since he converted from a quasi-effective starter. He had Tommy John surgery in 1997, so a second surgery could mean a long recovery time, and perhaps the end of an all-too-short career.

Baldelli is in a different boat. He's just 23, and he was already missing a majority of the season after tearing an ACL playing with children in his parents front yard in the offseason. But rehabbing an ACL and Tommy John at the same time? Come on. Baldelli is one of the games brightest young stars - and one of the truly lovable players in the league. It's such a shame these two major injuries will likely plague a career that should've been highlighted by 25-25 numbers and a .300 average year in and year out.

Basically, I hate injuries altogether. I know they are a part of the game, but no matter the player, its always difficult to see someone have to endure so much to play a game. As a fan of the game in its entirity, I want to see the best players in the world always able to compete.

In other news, my man of the week Prince collected two extra-base hits and a RBI against Tampa in his second game. Both doubles nearly left the park, traveling about 380-feet each. He's 2 for 8 now without a strikeout, which is nice for a power hitter adjusting to major league pitching. Trade Lyle Overbay and keep this kid up!


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GO Buccos. The Yankees are a bunch of sissies.


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