Friday, July 01, 2005

Welcome to July

Today is the first day of July. Wow.

Everytime I go to the grocery store, the same thing happens. I go inside, grab a shopping cart, do my shopping where I purchase a couple cans of Cheez Whiz and a pack of double stuf Oreos. After checkout, I head back to my car. Then, it happens. Every single time, it happens. After unloading my groceries out of my car, I turn to take the cart back to the "corral." You know, these ill-placed metal contraptions whose sole purpose is to contain the dozens of carts that dot the parking lot. The thing is, no matter where you park when you visit the grocery store, you always end up 3 long miles away from these corrals. I've tested this theory many times...and even at fine establishments such as Wal Mart and KMart, it still holds true. Unload the bags, close the trunk and turn around. I guarantee you will be exasperated when you see the distance you have to walk to take the cart back.

George W. Bush is coming to Morgantown on July 4th. As in a couple days from now July 4th. He'll be speaking in front of Woodburn Hall. It's the third time in four years he's spent the 4th in West Virginia. The thing is - I could not care less. He's a dispicable human being who will spend eternity burning in hell. Ah, who am I to judge? I'm not perfect. I'm just glad I'm not him.

Want to talk about something that is worthwhile, how about an awesome remake of one of the greatest movies of all-time? The Bad News Bears hits theatres three weeks from today. The trailer has me giddy with anticipation. Billy Bob Thorton has been brilliantly cast as Buttermaker. I can't wait to see his drunk ass passed out on the mound. I'll be there on July 22 sporting my Chico's Bail Bonds shirt. Good times.

I can't wait to quit working.

I also can't wait to quit going to school. Speaking of which, I took my final in-class exam on Thursday. Screw school. I'm almost I can then go and spend the rest of my life in school. But at least I'll be getting paid the big bucks! Wait...

Tetris might be the greatest game of all-time.

Speaking of games, one of the greatest video games series hits the shelves next week with its 2006 edition. NCAA Football should be in my hands by midnight, July 10. The game looks sweet. I've watched about a half-dozen video clips, including some of WVU. The jersey's still are not adequate, as WVU only has the blue-on-blue for home games, but the gameplay has been enhanced and the little "bugs" from the 2005 version have been fixed. From the looks of things, this game might earn a 10, just as long as the in-season recruiting didn't mess up the glory that is the off-season.

I have to pee, so that means no more typing.

Go yell things at Bush on Monday.


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