Tuesday, June 28, 2005

A week's worth of ramblings...

Whew. What a week. It's time to catch up a little bit. And away we go...

A week ago, none other than Drew "Bad Boy" Rubenstein and I took off for the Bronx to catch a Wednesday afternoon tilt between the beloved Devil Rays and the supposed superpower NY Yankees. The D'Rays won, of course, and a good time was had by all.

The Yankees still have a myriad of problems that no GM should envy. My suggestion? As I said in an earlier post, the Yanks need to blow this thing up. They've dug themselves a hole, have old players who are overpaid that they cannot move. So...trade the Unit, trade Sheffield, trade Womack, trade Pavano, trade Jaret Wright, trade Chien Wang, trade Giambi and start over. Pay all of those contracts off if you have to. Get solid players and or prospects for them...cut your losses...and start over. This team isn't built to win...but its not far off either. The pitching staff needs rebuilt (a guy like Andy Pettitte would be perfect, wouldn't he?) and get back to winning 100 games. It's not difficult with that amount of resources...but if the resources aren't utilized properly...the 2005 Yankees is the result.

The Devil Rays still need pitching if they are ever going to sniff .500 - and I think the Marlins should be contacted. If the Fish deal for Danny Cabrera - while giving up a pitcher - then they will keep him in their rotation. That means that super prospect Scott Olsen could be made available. Why not dangle Danys Baez or Aubrey Huff to the Marlins? The Rays still need a couple left-handed bats too, though.

The Dbacks will probably be where Baez ends up though - which would be worth it if the Rays could get their hands on Conor Jackson. No idea who he is? Well, he's hitting .384 for the season right now. The Rays have some nice bats...and desperately need pitching...but if they can get their hands on him for only Baez...why not?

Anyways, continuing with the update...Andy had his wedding this weekend. It was great...and everyone seemed happy.

It looks like I may have secured a teaching job for after college. Speaking of which, I will finish in December. That means in September I will start teaching full-time, 5 days a week, at a high school near you. Is it insane that I'm going to be teaching in two months? I think it is.

Right now, its 127 degrees in my room.

It was suggested I needed to do a top 10 prospects list. I'm working on it. Expect it in the next 24 hours.

Any other blog suggestions - float them my way.

Hungry chickens, bitches.


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