Tuesday, July 25, 2006

ESPN fires Harold Reynolds

In a very disappointing development, the New York Post has reported that Harold Reynolds, a key member of ESPN's Baseball Tonight crew, has been fired. Neither Reynolds nor ESPN are commenting, but Deadspin.com, who confirmed the termination, is stating that its likely a result of a sexual harrassment complaint.

If the allegations are true, Reynolds certainly deserved the boot, but that doesn't soften the blow of losing one of baseball's most knowledgable sports journalists, as well as one of the best personalities. He had 11 years of service with ESPN, and was a staple of the College and Little League World Series.

Baseball doesn't have as many alternate avenues for employment, but hopefully he can find a Fox TV job or make his way onto XM radio, as long as he cleans up his act (He has a wife and a newborn child).

But as for Baseball Tonight, which has lost the legendary Peter Gammons already this summer, the replacements will have big shoes to fill in Gammons, the Hall of Famer, and Reynolds, the resident sexaholic.

For more, check out deadspin.com, one of the best sports web sites out there.

Update: ESPN.com has also confirmed this, in addition to the previous sources.

Second Update: Deadspin.com also tossed out the possibility that Reynolds was fired after a heated arguments with ESPN officials in regards to the coverage of Alex Rodriguez. It seems more far-fetched, considering he would have to do more than give them a tongue-lashing to lose his job, but it may have some wheels to it. Stay tuned.


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