Monday, July 03, 2006

So Long, Andre

Any child/sports enthusiast has likely dreamed of becoming a professional athlete. Few, if any, ever fulfill their boyhood aspirations, often settling for backyard glory.

In my younger days, I played out my sports fantasies as all my favorite athletes: Don Mattingly, Magic Johnson, Jason Williams, Randy Moss, etc.

When it came to tennis, I looked up to two people: Andre Agassi and Michael Chang.

Growing up, I was always undersized. I still am. And that's why I remain attached to Agassi, who bid farewell to Wimbledon this week.

For me, its always easy to root for the little guy. The Agassi's and Chang's gave me a reason to believe, that at 5-foot-6 (barely), I could excel in a sport which provides a distinct advantage for taller competitors.

Agassi left Wimbledon on Centre Court, where he always dreamed of playing as a kid. So long, Andre.


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