Monday, April 03, 2006


Okay, now I've made more comebacks than John Elway...or MJ...or an 11-year old telling yo' momma get the point.

My inconspicuous absence from the blogging community can simply be attributed to a lack of consistent internet access - but a real life, grown-up, responsibility-filled, 40-plus hour per week job left little time for pointless ramblings (which no one reads anyway), but I digress.

The point is - I'm back. For now at least.

To those out-of-the-loop, my departure from the cushy college life and the city of Morgantown has led me to Quincy, W.Va., where the aloof college student has been replaced by rude, obnoxious teens, college professors have been subbed by spiteful, aged educators, mired in a rut and bitter about their lot in life, and mind-numbing, monotonous work.

On the flip side, I have money. Seriously.

The other day I reached in my wallet to pull out my last $50 to fill-up with gas - and I found two. To my compadres from South Hills - this may sound like a nightmare - but for me, it was a huge boost in morale.

Officially, I teach from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Riverside High School, a seven-year old institution that looks twice its actual age by consistent abuse of its inhabitants. I'm technically a long-term substitute (its a half-year position), which mainly means I'm a day-to-day substitute assigned to one room for the semester. It's a compromise between a daily sub gig and a full-time teacher. I'm completely certified with a master's in education, but I don't have a "guarantee" of a job there after the year (which is fine by me), and I'm teaching out-of-content for the time being.

Overall, I'm surviving. The content I teach is so simple - but I didn't go through school to teach it, so I'm not entirely comfortable and I don't have a variety of lessons. It's a tremendous challenge. I do like my kids, however, which is why I got into teaching in the first place. Most are pleasant and most listen - but there are some days where I want to curl into the fetal position under my desk and wait for the final bell to ring.

I am there until June 2, after which I will skirt up I-79 and curve my way to Martinsburg, W.Va., where I will continue my illustrious, 4-month foray into adulthood.

Thinking about pursuing another degree? Is that master's appealing to you? Or how about Law School?

Go for it. The race out of Morgantown to being grown-up isn't all its cracked up to be.


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