Tuesday, November 29, 2005

I hate days like this

Oh! I remember the sound
Of your November downtown,
And I remember the truth,
A warm December with you,
But I don’t have to make this mistake,
And I don’t have to stay this way
If only I would wake...

I hate when my posts aren't about sports, or amusing (at least to me).

Another kid I graduated high school with, Aaron Hall (pictured), died this past weekend in a car accident at the age of 24. To be honest, I hadn't spoken to Aaron much since we graduated in 1999. In fact, his death was not only saddening because it was another classmate who left the world too soon, but because he was a good friend of Joey Efaw.

As many of you know, Efaw was one of my closest friends. I always label him a best friend, but truth be told, there are about a dozen of you out there. Regardless, his death had a profound impact on me and altered my path in life drastically. I often credit my career choice of education to Efaw.

So today has been as much of a remembrance of Efaw as Aaron, who both were close friends as well. My fondest memory of the two is their constant boasting that they were the best basketball tandem at DuPont, a claim that my cousin Josh and I also felt entitled to after our long unbeaten streak in 2-on-2 games.

The matchup was perfect. Hall was approximately 6-foot-2 and wasn't exactly rail thin, and gave Josh fits. Efaw and I were always a classic matchup. In the end, Josh and I prevailed in a game that was hyped for an entire school week.

I'm glad I have those memories to hang onto when people as good as Joey and Aaron are plucked from the earth without warning. I just hope I don't have to take too many more trips like this down Memory Lane.


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