Friday, September 23, 2005

Of course I'm great...

  • "You called it. You absolutely called it. Raffy points the finger at Tejada. I tip my cap to a man who is obviously light years above me and the rest of the peasant blogosphere."

~The words of the one and only Chris Richardson. Your $7 is in the mail.

Anytime unnecessary praise is heaped upon me, I will take time out of my schedule to let the world know about it.
In my August 17 post, I listed a number of worthy candidates to soon be associated with steroids and/or Rafael Palmeiro. Poor Miguel Tejeda was in the mix, and yesterday, it leaked out that Palmeiro did, in fact, name Miggy during his defense.

Now, what does this mean? Well, really nothing. There is ZERO talk about steroids in this, and Palmeiro seems to be a kid who got in trouble and immediately blames a neighborhood pal. The "vitamin" exchanged is harmless and legal - so I really can't figure out what the big fuss is about. Right now, it seems as if the only news in this situation is that Rafael ratted on Miguel. Crazy kids.

But kudos for me for guessing correctly. That makes me a genius or something.


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